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How To Write a Script For Your Vidnami Videos?


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In today’s topic, i will be showing you how you can write a decent script for your Vidnami videos without getting any copyright issues. If you are looking for full review of vidnami software then, click here to read my “Vidnami Review”

When people start using the vidnami software for the first time, they will probably copy someones content from google search results.

But the thing is, you will face some issues with YouTube when you copy someone’s content from web searches.

So, what is best solution to make a decent script for your vidnami videos without getting any penalties from YouTube?

Well, you can do this simply by copying others content but, you have make sure to use some suit of article spinning or rewriting to get out all copyright issues.

I use the software called “Spin Rewriter”. I am using this software since 2018. In my opinion, It is one of the best article rewriting and spinning software for any type of marketers out there.

“Spin Rewriter” has the ability to rewrite a entire paragraph or an article into a different one without changing the actual meaning.

It has many features to control over re-writing of your articles.

Let me show you how it works…

When you first login to this “Spin Rewriter” software, you will see the dashboard will look like this

Vidnami_How to Write a Script

Simply click the first option “Rewrite a Single Article” and you will be asked to enter a paragraph.

I just pasted a random paragraph for this demonstration. You can actually paste as many paragraphs , sentence as you want. If you want to go fast, simply click the “Rewrite article” button.

Also, you have some options to fully customize how you article should be rewritten. Simply click the “Setting” and protect some keywords if you want.

Vidnami Review - Write a Script

Also, you can choose to ON/OFF the paragraph level spinning. See the picture below.


Once, you satisfied with the settings, Just close the settings menu and click “Rewrite Article” option. Now Spin Rewriter will go the work and it will give you the unique rewritten content to use anywhere without any issues.

Vidnami_How to write a script?

Below is a unique version of the paragraph


Now, you have to copy this unique paragraph and split into some sentences and paste it to the script area of Vidnami software.

This is your content. You can use anywhere you want. I highly recommend using this “Spin Rewriter” software to avoid plagiarisms.


  [+]  You should not enter a whole paragraph in vidnami script area. Instead, split the paragraphs into multiple sentences(one per line).

  [+]  Make sure include Commas, Quest stops, and Questions marks inside your vidnami script. If you don’t do that, Vidnami text-speech will not produce sound like a human.

  [+]  If your script has the numbers inside (like 1, 24, 497 etc.), you can write the name of that number (like”twenty four”). It will be best for the text-speech to read your script perfectly.

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